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Creative engineering

Skillmax plans and carries out turnkey projects for the interiors of luxury homes, prestigious boutiques and hotels, and Michelin-starred restaurants. The company coordinates every phase of each project, and manages the manufacturing of all custom elements and furniture.

Quick execution and high quality standards

The turnkey service offered by Skillmax begins with an initial evaluation of the project, it extends through executive planning, prototyping on a 1:1 scale, and continues up to the management of logistics and on-site installation.

The able professionals that make up the team are experts with years of experience working with wood, glass, metal and all the innovative, sustainable materials that contribute to high-level qualitative results, shining a light on the distinctive traits that define advanced made-in-Italy craftsmanship. Quick to respond, competitive, attentive to small details and thorough service: Skillmax is distinguished by noteworthy savoir-faire.

Luxury interior design

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